1% of iTunes Apps Removed due To Reviews Scam

1% of iTunes Apps Removed due To Reviews Scam

It appears approximately 1% of the titles in the app store disappeared due to
alleged nefarious conduct in regards to reviews and ratings. molinker

Molinker, the company who filled up our lists with their redundant titles like Molinker Mobile Travel:Seattle, Phoenix and every other known US city has been suspended with the removal of their apps and ratings.

Complaints were reportedly sent to iPhoneography who claims to have contacts with employees of Apple. It appears the complaints included evidence that the majority of the
reviews and ratings endorsing the Molinker apps were fake.

Many of the users involved in writing reviews for Molinker had solely been reviewing only their companies’ apps.

After being investigated by the high-level Apple authority, the Apple officials apparently agreed that there was clearly something fishy with their stellar ratings and reviews.

Think twice before cooking up reviews. If Apple doesn’t catch it most likely your fellow developers will.

Source- Engadget

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