Echofon releases a dedicated Facebook App for the iPhone

Echofon releases a dedicated Facebook App for the iPhone

news_feedEchofon, the suite of Twitter applications for the iPhone and Mac has released an unexpected new application for the iPhone, a dedicated Facebook app.

Described as a way to “make common Facebook tasks simple and fast”, Echofon for Facebook focuses primarily on your news feed, photos, messages and notifications.

The app in itself feels less bloated than Facebook’s own, albeit expectedly with far less features. You can post status updates, including photos and video. With messages, Echofon has added an interesting feature that makes it possible to instant message another as if you were SMS’ing each other. Similar to the likes of Ping, if both users have the app, instant messaging becomes instant and free.

It’s a rather odd move by a company that has until now focused primarily on Twitter clients. While an expansion into other social networks isn’t so bizarre (Tweetdeck, Seesmic), creating an entirely separate application focused on Facebook’s most popular features is either silly or genius.

Facebook’s app is unreservedly a pain to open and check the basics for. Like it or not, there’s a lot of functionality to choose from. With Echofon for Facebook, the options are limited but you are given instant and quick access to just the essentials.

Give it a try here and see if it floats your boat.

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