Rocket Internet launches its Nigerian Amazon clone, Kasuwa

Rocket Internet launches its Nigerian Amazon clone, Kasuwa

Nigeria’s Amazon clone has launched with an offer of 1,500 naira (US$9.20) gift for new subscribers.

For new orders, Kasuwa will offer free shipping for goods bought as a part of its launch promotion. Currently, the site’s wares include books, electronics, mobile phones, computing and hardware.

Kasuwa will also offer its customer pay-on-delivery services. Customers will only pay once the goods ordered are delivered. A section of the delivery services would however be offered by DHL.

Amazon has already established a presence in South Africa with a development centre on the continent. Although it resembles Amazon, analysts view Kasuwa as giving Amazon great competition in the West African country. The most prominent e-commerce sites in Africa include the South African site,, that has presence in Kenya.

Berlin-based Internet Rocket Internet, currently in the process of opening an online clothing business in Nigeria, developed the site.

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This story originally appeared on HumanIPO.

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