OHK Labs releases Sports Pick’Em for brands, the white label version of SportsPicker Challenge

OHK Labs releases Sports Pick’Em for brands, the white label version of SportsPicker Challenge

OHK Labs, developer of the sports prediction game SportsPicker Challenge has released the white label version of its game for brands and media sites entitled Sports Pick’Em.

SportsPicker is a sports prediction technology platform that enables sports fans to compete against Facebook friends or in prize challenges. It has a points system that rewards skill and has a focus on team outcomes.

This white label version of the game will provide companies with the sports prediction functionality while letting them integrate into their own websites with a single line of code and add their own branding or livery. Alternatively, brands can also add the game via a Facebook widget.

Branding and support

The methods of branding should help companies add the game technology while still retaining their identity. There is a fully customisable badge leveling system for players and all badge names, images and paths to advanced levels can be tailored to match whichever company chooses to use it.

The platform can push branding to players as it sends email notifications when they level up. Players can also share their results on Facebook and Twitter adding to the possibilities for brand distribution. Naturally companies who choose to add the game to their site or promotion can also provide product-based prizes, something that should appeal to a loyal, existing fan base.

A dedicated account representative is available to assist with challenge creation, official rules template, prize fulfillment and any customer service issues that arise. SportsPicker covers six major U.S. sports, including collegiate football and basketball, professional basketball, baseball, football and hockey.

Brands that use the white label version can also benefit from SportsPicker’s analytics dashboard to gain insight from customer data including stats on how many times the challenge is shared over social media.

Kit Kat recently managed this with a sprinkling of AR technology from Blippar that let the snacking public play a miniature table football game via their smartphones.

Getting customers to engage with companies and products through gaming and sports is a fair way for them to spend time with a brand. With a white label technology to play with, it could mean that more brands will find ways to put a little sporting fun into their marketing.

Image Credit: Al Bello /Getty Images

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