Nothing to see here: Samsung dismisses Galaxy S4 launch rumors

Nothing to see here: Samsung dismisses Galaxy S4 launch rumors

A day after it was reported that it would launch the successor to its popular Galaxy S III at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next year, Samsung has taken to its official Twitter account to put an end to rumors of a Galaxy S4 unveiling early next year.

The tweet, which was posted to the company’s Korean account, addresses media reports and states that the “rumor is not true”:

The Korea Times report sourced anonymous company officials, suggesting that the unreleased device’s features would be “more than enough to curb Apple’s latest iPhone,” sport a 5-inch screen, would “definitely use” global LTE networks and utilise Samsung’s Exynos processor.

The report attracted its fair share of criticism and its timing questioned. Samsung decided it would skip Mobile World Congress this year and follow up with an event of its own. With Apple’s iPhone 5 dominating the headlines shortly after launching and becoming available for preorder, a speculative Samsung report helped draw attention away from Apple.

Samsung’s response puts an end to rumors of an upcoming Galaxy S4 launch, for now. The Galaxy S III is heading for 30 million sales by the end of the year — it’s already the company’s bestselling smartphone, so questions would need to be asked as to why increased focus would be placed on its successor.

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