Twitter’s mobile apps get more push notifications, better discovery and search

Twitter’s mobile apps get more push notifications, better discovery and search

If you’re using one of Twitter’s official mobile apps for iOS or Android, chances are that you’ve seen the Discover tab and maybe even used it. But we’ve largely heard that people aren’t happy with how it works. Today, according to Twitter, there are new features for Discover, as well as better search and added push notifications.

Now let’s talk about that Discover tab. When you click on it, you’ll see activity surrounding stories that have been favorited or retweeted by people that you follow. Tapping on the tweet will show you related conversations to the trend, news or other tweet.

The update for Search is handy, in that you can now more readily use deeper search operations inside the app. According to Twitter:

“You can see suggestions for different spellings and related terms for your queries. Finding the people you’re looking for is faster, too. In the Connect tab, you can start typing the first or last name or username of the person you’re looking for and the name will autocomplete for people that you follow.”

Finally, and I mean that both as the final point today and “FINALLY!” Twitter’s mobile apps get push notifications for interactions such as when someone retweets or favorites something that you’ve published, and of course you can get push notifications for new followers as well.

The question that goes on in my mind is where the cutoff level is that people start turning off those notifications, be they via push or through Twitter’s email system. I already have enough dinging going on in my office, without adding more for other interactions on Twitter. So I’m sorry folks, but push notifications are going to have to get way better before I’ll be enabling those.

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