Google Maps now gives you a 45° view on 21 more cities

Google Maps now gives you a 45° view on 21 more cities

There’s something lovely about the 45° view on Google Maps. Rather than just seeing things from the top down, the angled view helps you to get a better idea of the surroundings, making the already-useful Google Maps that much more so.

According to the Google Lat/Long Blog, 21 more cities have just gotten the angled view, including one of my favorite places in the world, Boulder Colorado. As an example, I present to you the Trada building, in the middle of this map.

According to Google, the full list of cities goes like this:

Albuquerque (west), NM; Benton, AR; Boulder, CO; Eldridge, IA; Boston (east), MA; Centennial (south), CO; GooglePlex, CA; Indianapolis (south), IN; Las Vegas Strip, NV; Montgomery (outskirts), AL; Olathe, KA; Petaluma, CA; Tulsa, OK, Brasilia, Brazil.

So there you have it. Just a quickie, but a fun one. Now if only we could get the ability to drag Google Maps to a specific angle like you can on an Android phone. That would be amazing.

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