Innobell: The IM client your phone should have had, but didn’t.

Innobell: The IM client your phone should have had, but didn’t.

The rage around the tech sphere lately has been all about mobile chat. While we’ve had great fun with a few of them, we’ve not seen anything in the mobile world that’s quite like Innobell.

Innobell is something like having an entire world of Facebook apps, all inside of a mobile chat platform. It’s coming soon for iOS and others, but it’s available today for Android. What makes it so special? Instead of just being chat, it’s truly interactive with third-party services that make Innobell stand out in a very crowded space.

Let’s say that you are chatting with someone and wanting to meet up. Innobell has a real-time location app that will show you where your friend is, no matter how far away you are. Just share the mapp addon with your friend and you’re instantly connected.

Went out for drinks last night and owe a few bucks? The PayPal addon will let you immediately transfer the funds back over. Have some pictures from the same outing? You can browse them together. Contact info, web pages, YouTube videos and more are all available inside of Innobell, turning your phone call or IM session into an infinitely more useful experience.

Now, it’s worth noting that if you can’t presently do voice and data at the same time (I’m looking at you, Verizon and Sprint CDMA customers) then you’re not going to be able to do the addons while using voice. However, that doesn’t stop them from working with IM sessions. Oh, Verizon LTE customers? You’re just fine. Talk and tap all you want.

There’s an API coming soon, so you can expect to see loads of addons for Innobell. Even still, with only the addons that it has today, it’s a level of function that your phone should have always had, but never did. So, stop just talking. Start doing something that is more than words by downloading Innobell and leaving your thoughts in the comments section below.

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