TNW Weekend Roundup: All of the weekend’s biggest stories

TNW Weekend Roundup: All of the weekend’s biggest stories

If you didn’t have the opportunity to catch up on your daily fix of technology news over the weekend, the TNW Weekend Roundup will bring you quickly up to speed with what happened on Saturday and Sunday, linking you to the most popular and discussed stories here on The Next Web:

“Liking” a story now posts a thumbnail to your Facebook stream, just like the FB share button

If you had previously ‘liked’ an article on The Next Web, a single line of text would be posted onto your Facebook profile for others to see.

A recent Facebook update now means that pressing the ‘Like’ button on an article now means a thumbnail is also added by default to that item on your Facebook profile (as below), just like the Facebook share button. Read more here.

Google Activates An Unlimited Storage “Option” In Picasa

Google has implemented an update to its Picasa service, adapting the way it handles photo uploads, potentially unlocking an option that could see many Picasa users take advantage of unlimited photo and video uploads. Read more here.

Explore photos of the past on Google Maps with What Was There

What Was There is designed as a “Virtual time machine” that lets you explore the world as it used to look via maps of familiar places and geotagged, historical photographs. Move around the world to find places you’re interested in and then view photographs of what they looked like many decades ago. Read more here.

Kinect’s Exciting Future as a Musical Instrument

Over the past few months Kinect music hacks, musical and otherwise, have become more and sophisticated and clever, evolving further into such wonders as motion controlled DJ tools and even a superb air guitar solution. Are we about to see a future of Kinect-powered musical inspirations? Read more here.

School band plays ‘Killing in the Name’ by RATM

Ever seen a school band take on a Rage Against The Machine track? Now you have. Watch here.

Push Browser brings Google’s ‘Chrome To Phone’ to iOS

The neat app allows you easily push open web pages on your desktop browser to your Apple device, perfect if you’re about to head out the door. Read more here.

Apple’s missed opportunities with the new MacBook Pro

Apple released the latest updates to its Macbook line last week, much to the delight of fanboys. However, Apple might have missed a trick, here is what we feel Apple could have done to make the new Macbook Pro line a bit more desirable. Read here.

Google acknowledges Gmail issues as users complain of missing emails

Google acknowledged a problem with its popular Gmail email service after users reported missing emails, labels and contacts over the past few hours. As many as 150,000 users were affected but the company seems to have it back under control. Read more here.

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