The Coconatch Robot Brings Twitter Notifications To Life

The Coconatch Robot Brings Twitter Notifications To Life

CoconatchCoconatch is a social robot that brings your @replies to life by lighting up and performing a wobbly happy dance when you receive a message from Twitter.

These little robots work via USB and will burst into dance after receiving a new message from its unique email address. This means you’ll need to direct Twitter notifications to Coconatch’s email address, and we’re assuming it also means users aren’t limited to just Twitter notifications–it appears that any new email will cause the robot to get groovy.

If indeed all new emails are supported, users could potentially use Coconatch to work with any social network as long as the network’s updates are being directed to the robot’s email address. Hopefully we’ll see them add a few new enhancements to help users differentiate between emails, possibly by displaying different colours and dances for various networks. The LED lights within the robot are currently capable of changing colours based on the context of a tweet, likely searching for keywords and expressions such as smiley faces. These tiny Coconatch robots are available from Japan for about $65. Sorry Mac users, from what we’ve seen on the site, the Coconatch software seems to only be available for Windows. And, it’s way cooler than this Twitter Monkey.">

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