First iAd on the iPad appearing later today features “Tron Legacy”

First iAd on the iPad appearing later today features “Tron Legacy”

iAd, Apple’s mobile advertising network announced in April, is launching on the iPad later today with an add for Disney‘s upcoming film, “Tron Legacy.”

Reported by AdAge, the ad “is a preview of what Apple’s mobile ad format will look like on the iPad, and the only iAd planned for Apple’s tablet for this year,” according to an Apple spokesman.

The first iPad iAd will include super-rich graphics, the ability to navigate around the ad through touch and also include video.

Where will one find the ad?  If you have the TV Guide app for the iPad, AdAge indicates that the ad will appear there, in addition to similar media-themed apps.  In particular, the TV Guide Ad will include nearly 10 minutes of images, videos, theater locations and showtimes, a preview of the soundtrack complete with the option to purchase the soundtrack through iTunes without leaving the ad.

Moreover, for the first time in any iAd, users will also be able to send email straight from within the ad.

In a statement from AdAge,

“Disney and Apple are excited to debut the ‘Tron Legacy’ iAd today as a special preview of iAd for iPad, which launches next year.  iAd brings ‘Tron’s’ pulsing energy and vivid graphic style to iPad’s stunning display, creating a truly immersive ad experience.”

Pretty neat and something we can’t wait to check out, even if it means having to download the TV Guide app.

What about you?  Will you download the app to see the “Tron Legacy” iAd?  What are your general impressions of iAd?  Has Apple’s mobile advertising initiative spurned you to purchase anything an iAd has peddled to you?

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