Wearables takes down midVenturesLAUNCH with their innovative AirStash gadget

Wearables takes down midVenturesLAUNCH with their innovative AirStash gadget

Last night at the midVenturesLAUNCH event (which our own Zee helped to judge), the company Wearable Inc. with their AirStash product won the main prize, proving to the judges throughout the day that they are on to something special.

The AirStash is a wireless USB dongle with a built-in media server that you can take on the go. It works like this: take your SD card and fill it up to the brim with the files that you need to take out with you, then plug that SD card into your AirStash. Assuming that you have charged the AirStash (it looks like a USB memory drive), it acts like a portable media server that can deliver content to any WiFi enabled device that you own.

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Of course, the device is limited by the maximum capacity of SD cards, requires recharging, but the concept of carrying a WiFi media server (in a sense) on the go with you found a sweet spot with the judges. It is a mixture of innovation and a re-invention of technologies currently in the market re-purposed to a new end.

The company will receive $150,000 in cash and services from a variety of event sponsors, including a chunk of advertising from us here at TNW.

We wish Wearables well and offer our congratulations on their victory. Be sure and check out their product, it might just be what you are looking for.

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