OneSpout Pulls Canadian Group Buying Together

OneSpout Pulls Canadian Group Buying Together

Maybe you could call it a Groupon hug, but Toronto-based OneSpout is betting that if you like one group buying service you’ll like lots more and might want to consolidate things a tad. Here’s the premise: All the group buying sites send you an email with the deals du jour. This is grand, but we get a lot of email as it is already, so what if you could get one email that had all the deals (One Rmail to rule them all and in the bargains bind them)? Sounds like a great idea, so…

That’s what OneSpout did. You set up an account there (I used my Facebook credentials) and made sure that I would get Vancouver deals and…

The email you receive every morning and the website are quick and easy to read (though I think the website is a lot nicer to look at). I know that group buying sites are hot and getting hotter, and on the OneSpout blog, they make a good case for it, but there have been some horror stories of Groupon gone wrong. Maybe it’s because I haven’t scored a deal for something I wanted or needed, so, what’s your take?

Have you used a group buying deal to get the great deal? Are you a business that offered a group buying deal?

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