Telus First to Announce Tablet Share Plans: $15 to Share Phone’s Data

Telus First to Announce Tablet Share Plans: $15 to Share Phone’s Data

Telus Mobility announced new $15 share plans for “tablets” (note lack of iPad in the descriptions) that allow you to share your phone’s data plan with your iPad (or “other tablet”). This is simple, month-to-month add on that, I think, is a smart move for Telus. Right now neither Rogers nor Bell offer a way for you to tap into the extra data you might have on your phone.

This was one of the key reasons I didn’t want an iPad with 3G, I didn’t want yet another bill from Telus (or another provider). As it is I have a data stick that I don’t use often, but have to  keep until the costs even out to break the contract versus keep it. Now, if I can share my 6 GB of iPhone data with an iPad…well that’s a horse of a different color. Couple that with just paying $15 without a contract to have this? Well that’s even more awesome.

I spoke with a Telus spokesperson this morning just to confirm what it looks like on the site—the Flex Date and Share plans are indeed separate plans. Sure the Share Plan is a promo until October 5th, so if you have are a Telus customer and have a “3G tablet”, I’d go sign up fast for it.

Now, the next question: Is Telus going to offer the Galaxy Tab before October 5th? That we might have to wait a little longer to learn.

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