In preparation for mass rollout, Square updates its iPhone and iPad apps

In preparation for mass rollout, Square updates its iPhone and iPad apps

Square, the mobile payment system from Twitter creator Jack Dorsey, is beginning its march towards trying to become the leader in the mobile payment space.

Square’s launch has not been without several setbacks.   First there were security concerns, followed by a lack of the Square card readers which connect to one’s mobile device via the headphone jack.  Those issues appear to be alleiviated with a mass roll-out of the service expected by the end of the summer, as other services, particularly Mophie, and Visa begin testing their own mobile payment solutions.

How will Square respond?  Today we get a taste with the launch of updates to their iPhone and iPad apps, version 1.3, which features:

  • Retina Display support for iPhone 4.
  • Improved first run experience.
  • Take cash payments even when offline.
  • Improved swiping reliability.
  • Improved tipping on iPad.
  • Improved support for multitasking on iOS 4.
  • Improved experience for unactivated users.
  • More accurate feedback when swiping incorrectly.
  • Fixes issues with geolocation on iOS 4.
  • And more.

Here’s a video explaining Square for those unfamiliar with the service:

Are you a Square user?  If not, get the app here.  If you’ve signed up for the service, have you received your card reader?  What appeals most to you about the service?

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