Glass: Turning the Internet into your collaborative sharing website.

Glass: Turning the Internet into your collaborative sharing website.

TNW Quick Hit

Glass turns the Internet into your collaborative message center.

Love It: Personalized groups. Dashboard timelines. Non-invasive communication.

Hate It: Firefox and Chrome only, for now.

Overall: 3/5

The Details

We’ve all done the thing where you’re browsing a website, you find something interesting and then send it out in a tweet or email to your friends. Glass takes that idea and streamlines it, allowing you to send messages to groups of friends or co-workers without cluttering their inbox.

While I could tell you loads about it, the video really does it more justice than I can in words. So have a look, then I’ll give you my parting thoughts:

What you end up with is a way to share information, while retaining context. Then there’s the fact that everything you share has a “sticky” factor to it. So whether you’re visiting the site today or tomorrow, the information and the context is still there.

Glass can be hugely useful, once you’ve gotten enough people connected to make it so. And that’s somewhat the point. That collaboration and sharing aspect, while not having to do it through any one site, is pretty helpful.

Glass understands, though, that keeping track of your notes on various sites around the Internet can be somewhat difficult. With that in mind, the Dashboard feature is your organization center. You can use it to view open and closed conversations across all sites, as a great reminder to what you’ve been doing.

While Glass is in beta, it is available by invitation only. However, being the kind souls that we are, we have procured some invitations for you. Head to the website, and enter the code “thenextweb” (without quotes) to get started.

Give it a run, and let us know what you think.

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