The Next Web Podcast – Episode 22: Stop Tweeting That!

The Next Web Podcast – Episode 22: Stop Tweeting That!

Another week, another round of tech banter. What more could you ask for, honestly? We’re discussing Microsoft, Apple, Twitter and a few other varied topics.

Because you know us, we never get off topic. Ever. Nope.

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On this week’s show: Brad McCarty (Nashville), Matt Brian (Essex), Alex Wilhelm (Palo Alto)

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In this week’s episode:

Microsoft Launches PC v. Mac Website And Talks Some Serious Smack

Does iOS 4.1 fix slow iPhone 3G units? Yes.

Twitter’s ShoutOut is an internal service for employees. Read the awesome official statement.

5 Things Serious Tech People Need To Stop Tweeting

Google launches Voice Actions for Android. SMS, email and more via voice

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