Photobucket reaches into mobile with new BlackBerry app and a new focus.

Photobucket reaches into mobile with new BlackBerry app and a new focus.

In the world of online photo storage and sharing, there’s really no name quite as big as Photobucket.  Long before the names Flickr and Picasa made their marks, Photobucket was already racking up users worldwide.  Presently, over 100 million people choose Photobucket to store and share their photos, and the company has a new focus on mobile that is being done right.

As of today, Photobucket has released a new BlackBerry application that is showing off that mobile focus.  Since merging with Ontela back in December, Photobucket has gotten some new funding and this new application is one of the products of that.

Blackberry users can now easily upload and download from the site, browse the “Find Stuff” content categories and search Photobuckets over seven billion public images and photos.

Photobucket is very quick to point out that the mobile applications mean much more than just what’s on the surface.  As I said, Photobucket has a new focus on mobile.

I had a chance to speak with Rob Newton, from Photobucket, and he had this to add:

“Mobile is truly a vehicle to bring more users and usage of our site, and also is showing people that Photobucket is much more than a warehouse for image storage; it is a cross-platform multi use social networking utility that allows people to do more than ever before with their images, and from anywhere they have cell coverage.”

Ready to get in on it?  Head over to your BlackBerry App World and search up Photobucket.  Though the BlackBerry application is the newest, there are also versions for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

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