The Next Web Podcast – Episode 16: Your uncle is a drug dealer!

The Next Web Podcast – Episode 16: Your uncle is a drug dealer!

We have a very special guest on the show today. Morten Lund, the venture capitalist behind Skype and tons of other successful startups. He talks about his successes, failures and gives us his thoughts on this week’s news roundup.. but.. in case the title didn’t warn you enough, discretion is advised. He’s as good with startups as he is with profanities!

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On this week’s show: Fawzi Rahal (Beirut), Michael Backes (Hamburg) and Ralf Rottmann (Dortmund).

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In this week’s episode:
Google TV Is Real: All You Need To Know
Adobe Releases HTML5 Pack and Announces Flash will include VP8 codec
Now Everyone Can Make Waves, Google Wave Comes Out Of Beta
6rounds: Video chat done right, and now a mindblowing API
Brits rate the iPhone as one of the best inventions ever, just behind Penicillin and ahead of the flushing toilet
Quit Facebook Day Wants You To Take Your Leave

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