‘ManageTwitter’ reincarnated as ‘ManageFlitter’ with Twitter approval

‘ManageTwitter’ reincarnated as ‘ManageFlitter’ with Twitter approval

A quick update on the ManageTwitter Cease and Desist story we ran a couple of weeks ago.

The easy-to-use Twitter follower management tool is back after a quick name change to ManageFlitter to avoid any trademark issues and the removal of the auto unfollow functionality that seemed to be upsetting Twitter.

Kevin Garber from Melon Media, the makers of ManageFlitter, explains:

Twitter are happy with the name change and happy with our changes to the system.

Users can still bulk unfollow but it is hidden in the UI and you have to “drag” your cursor across the icons.  So there are a few more barriers to bulk unfollow.

Twitter have reserved the right to request that we remove this too if problems continue with bulk unfollowing”

The problem Twitter actually had, according to Garber, was the “velocity” of unfollowing.

“I suggested that they put limits on this velocity on an account level – ie lock users from unfollowing more if it exceeds their parameters.  That way they don’t have to worry about contacting every unfollow type service as control will be at an account level.  They agreed that this was a good idea.”

If it counts for anything, so do I.

The loss of the simple auto unfollow is a shame, but the service is still good to use and the end result is the same, even if you need a couple more clicks.

Personally, I’m happy to wear those extra clicks if it means ManageFlitter can stay live.

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