Search engine Wowd – what’s going on Now

Search engine Wowd – what’s going on Now

Real-time search engine Wowd announced today the addition of some new categories to its search results. The new topics include entertainment, politics, news, health, science, and technology. There are also blogs, news sites, public sites, Twitter, and even more…

Here’s the obligatory CEO quote: :-)

“Our mission from Day One has been to enhance the real-time discovery experience so that consumers can know what’s going on around the world, literally as it happens, based on the freshest and most popular content from across the entire Web,” said Mark Drummond, CEO, Wowd Inc. “With our new category-driven discovery and search experience, consumers can now create more personalized results, giving them control over what they want to get from the entire Web.”

And the introductory video! Presenting the new and improved Wowd.

Wowd Real-Time Search 3.0 Overview from Wowd on Vimeo.

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