The Guy Who Hacked Twitter And Leaked Their Documents Is Under Arrest

The Guy Who Hacked Twitter And Leaked Their Documents Is Under Arrest

According to RWW and the AFP, the man behind the most famous Twitter hacking events is now under arrest.

The man, known now has “Hacker Croll” has been arrested by the French police, with the FBI assisting in the operation. This is the same hacker who took over the Twitter account of Barack Obama.

Of course, while some will be sad to see the most successful Twitter hacker of all time on end up behind bars, he seems to be headed there. It turns out that if you hack into a company of Twitter’s status, and compromise the account of the President while leaking sensitive documents, the FBI wants you found.

And they do it pronto.

What will his sentence be? At this time it is unclear. However, a long prison sentence and massive fines are likely to be in order. Hacker Croll is 25 years old.

We all recall the public debacle surrounding the leaked Twitter documents. TechCrunch made a meal of the entire episode for some time, and it was high profile across the media of all stripes. Eventually, the company shared some of the sensitive documents, shielding the most important as set aside by Twitter.

Twitter can sleep easier tonight, knowing that their largest hacking foe seems to be out of commission for the forseeable future.

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