The Next Web’s Weekly Recap: Twitter Turns 4, Viacom vs Google and the Windows 7 Phone

The Next Web’s Weekly Recap: Twitter Turns 4, Viacom vs Google and the Windows 7 Phone

Welcome to The Next Web’s Weekly Recap. If you haven’t already, make sure to grab your tickets for The Next Web Conference taking place April 27-29 in Amsterdam. Some very exciting events will be going on at the conference including the PayPal X Startup Rally where a jury of experts will see if your startup has what it takes to present on the main stage at the conference.

Highlights of the week…
In the same week that Twitter turned 4 years old, they announced their new @anywhere platform. This week also saw the release of new juicy legal documents in the never ending legal battle between Google and Viacom and it was also the week we got a lot more details about the Windows 7 Phone and it’s marketplace.

Twitter Grows Up, Launches @anywhere
Sunday March 21st was Twitter’s big 4th birthday (co-founder Jack Dorsey’s first tweet). The beginning of the week was also marked by big news when Twitter announced its “At Anywhere” platform. The platform is a couple lines of code that eventually any website (only select sites to start) will be able to place on their site in order to have deeper integration with the service. The functionality is very similar to what we saw with Hover Cards that was launched on in April.

Viacom vs Google/YouTube
The 3+ year saga between Viacom and Google doesn’t want to die. Viacom has been seeking $1 billion from Google due to copyright infringement for their content on YouTube. This week, the court released new documents where Google explains in detail how Viacom itself had been uploading many of the videos that it had been requesting to take down. While this lawsuit doesn’t appear to have an end in sight, it’s clear that the mutual dependency between the two parties has caused quite an interesting legal battle.

Windows 7 Phone
Since Microsoft announced its Windows 7 Phone back in February everyone has been excited for more details about the mobile OS. This week we got our first look at some Windows 7 apps and the initial impressions where very positive. Microsoft also released details about it’s Windows Marketplace – its store for games and applications for the OS. Even Mac fanboys will appreciate the UI and aesthetic of some of these early previews. Perhaps it is the result of Microsoft’s new emphasis on UI and usability as it relates to the Windows 7 Phone. While some are already labeling it the iPhone killer, it’s clear that Apple will be upping the any when the next iPhone is released this summer.

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