Size search engine Psizey because psize does matter

Size search engine Psizey because psize does matter

Like most of the hundreds of alternative search engines that I have covered, Psizey (pronounced sigh / Zee) was built to add one particular feature lacking in the major search engines. In this case, Psizey searches for products not by brand name, price, features or ratings, but by its physical size.

This is a very logical and practical innovation. Why go through all the labor of browsing for a product, only to find that it won’t fit in the space allotted in your home? Why not start with the space you want to fill, and then go online shopping? For this ‘proof of concept,’ Psizey uses Amazon products as their database.

Click the link for a fun little game and the Psizey walk-through video.

As for the name, while there are over 150 acronyms for PSI, pounds per square inch and the 23rd letter of the Greek alphabet being the two most common, the makers of Psizey were simply going for the phonetic alternative to a decent domain name, Sizey being taken, a la Voyij, Kosmix, Klout, Cuil, Surchur, Tazti, TRAACKR, Insttant, Yoowalk – and now Psizey.

Try this: Read those 10 search engine names out loud to a friend and ask her to spell them out on a piece of paper. For each wrong answer,  just say “try again.” Repeat this process until she leaves the room in a huff, and then tally up the right answers. Leave the score, e.g. 3/10 in a comment. Walkthrough from on Vimeo.

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