Apple To Open 25 Chinese Stores – In Just 24 Months?

Apple To Open 25 Chinese Stores – In Just 24 Months?

apple-chinaApple did not let anyone walk into their annual meeting with a communication device, but that is hardly keeping people from talking about it once they left.

According to several sources Apple will be opening some 25 stores in the Chinese market, showing both strong appetite for premium computing products in the Chinese market, and the willingness of Apple to enter forcefully open physical stores in newer markets even in the midst of a global economic crunch.

Apple is, and has been, on a roll these past few years. The company seems loth let off of the gas pedal of growth.

Coming out after the original story was Jim Goldman from CNBC who put the timetable for the full store rollout in a two-year, twenty-four month, window. That would be nearly a new store a month until February 2012.

Especially with its new upcoming product line in the iPad, Apple is striving to meet any premium customer, at any product points, all for a profitable price. More than that, they are doing just what they set out to do.

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