The Three Windows Phone 7 Series Devices You Might Buy

The Three Windows Phone 7 Series Devices You Might Buy

windows 7 phoneWe have new information on just what those Windows Phone 7 Series phones are going to look like.

Before we begin however, whoever named the phone line that needs to be let go. We all call them ‘the Windows 7 phones,” so why not just make that the official moniker and be done with it?

Nomenclature aside, what do we now know? Well, the Windows 7 phones are going to be coming in three detailed varieties, and you have only seen on of them. This of course follows recent moves by Microsoft to express more control over how its software is used to shore up consumer experiences.

The first type of Windows 7 phone is the one you have already seen: a large touchscreen with a few buttons. Nothing to see here, move along.

The second type will have both a slide out keyboard and a touchscreen, making it more like the Droid than the iPhone. While this might not appeal to the dedicated soft-keyboard user (iPhone lovers), it will give the phone another potential market slice with the physical keyboard accustomed Blackberry crowd.

And finally what is the third variety? It’s still partially under wraps, but people are expecting it to be some sort of candybar phone. I know we all just said yuck together, but take that with a grain of salt as we have hardly any information on third flavor at the moment, so we could be dead wrong.

Of course, anyone looking for the Xbox integration is going to shun the candybar phone, the screen would just be too small to be of any real use. What model do you want?

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