95% Of Email Is Spam – The Rest Is Just Annoying

95% Of Email Is Spam – The Rest Is Just Annoying

spamComing  from the “you already guessed it” department, we have just got word that some 95% of all sent email is spam.

You perhaps thought that it was 99%, but no. A full 5% of email actually hits an inbox, meaning that it was not shot down over the lake by a spam filter. This five percent number for ham is a fall of some 16.6% from the previous tested period, when it was a full 6% of email.

Given the trend it would seem that two things are happening: spam filters are improving, and that spammers are just sending more spam messages to compensate. I have seen probably some four spam messages in the last four months. How many ended in my spam filter without my attention? Tens of thousands.

So while the total percentage of email that is ham is declining, only the spam filters are feeling the heat. Email users with modern, flexible email systems (such as the amazing Gmail) have little to no interaction or problem spam. At least that is what I hear anecdotally.

Tell us in the poll, is spam a problem for you?

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