[updated] Retweet.com Is Down – I called It In August

[updated] Retweet.com Is Down – I called It In August


Second update – Retweet.com got back to Mashable and released the following statement:

“As you mentioned, Retweet.com has been enjoying a healthy growth rate. As a result the site has attracted the interest of many potential buyers.

Unfortunately the same popularity has attracted several DDOS attacks in the past as well. Our current downtime, however, may be due to internal upgrades to our underlying server infrastructure.

We will have a conclusion very soon and are working to restore services as soon as possible!”

This is utter piffle. In a nutshell: we have been growing, people don’t like us, so they hurt us, but we have no clue why we are down! [Our current downtime, however, may be due to…]. Who else wants to bet that there is more to this story than that milksop reponse lets on?

Update – It turns out the @retweet account has been suspended. Suspicious? Also, there has still been no word from the company to either Mashable or TNW. We wait.

Well, they might not be dead, but they are assuredly down. Retweet.com, the recent competitor to Tweetmeme is down, along with its parent corporation.

As of this moment, we are not sure what exactly is going on. Mashable has reached out for comment, and we all await news with bated breath.

Back in August, I said: “It is a bit morbid to use the word “deadpool” before a product has even launched, but I will be vindicated. Retweet.com, the competitor to TweetMeme is launching in a scant few minutes or hours, depending on when you read this. It will gain some traffic, but will never make a credible threat to the large and powerful Tweetmeme.”

And, the site is down, with no word as to where it went. Of course, as Ben Parr points out, the website has been doing well, to my chagrin perhaps, but this current bout of downtime or deadpool action cannot help them. For what it’s worth, Tweetmeme is still crushing them, so I was mostly right:

tweetmeme win

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