Frequent Meetings? Enjoy Simplicity? Use Ketchup.

Frequent Meetings? Enjoy Simplicity? Use Ketchup.

Picture 79Straight out of the “so simple, I love it” book comes Ketchup, an ultra simple web app that lets you share meeting notes with fellow attendees.

Sign up, add a meeting, add your agenda of things to discuss, print it out if you wish or just add notes under each “thing to discuss” and it’s saved instantly. Of course sharing is a piece of cake via a URL. All meetings are stored for good and you can schedule meetings as far in advance as you like.

Ketchup is slick, pretty and simple but what it doesn’t offer is ability to construct an agenda with others, something which I was hoping to see when I shared the URL provided. Also, adding meetings to your calendar of choice would also be a feature that would get people using the app more. Oh and there’s the mobile app issue…

Nevertheless, this is definitely a minimalists dream. Similar to the way SimpleNotes simplified note taking, Ketchup appears to be doing the same for meetings.


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