Did Apple Just Confirm Their Tablet?

Did Apple Just Confirm Their Tablet?

apple_tabletWell, hell, what do we have here. Valleywag, being the types of people that they are, set up a ‘scavenger hunt‘ to attempt to collate any hard evidence on the Apple tablet. Apple shut them down.

However, the language of the cease and desist has many wondering if indeed Apple just did what Valleywag wanted, and confirmed the tablet.

From the response: “Apple has maintained the types of information and things you are soliciting … in strict confidence.”

Even more so, as Fraser Kelton from AdaptiveBlue has pointed out in the comments, the line from the letter that reads: “the information you are willing to pay for, such as photos of a yet-to-be released product, constitutes Apple trade secrets,” also builds the supposed confirmation.

What do you think?  It says, in a nutshell that Apple wants to keep a lid on the information that you are looking for, Valleywag, so back the hell off. Not a full confirmation, but definitely something stronger than we have had before, and it constitutes by far the strongest message from Apple by far on the subject.

Take it as you will. All we know for sure is that if no tablet materializes this month, there are going to be some damned sad fanboys, and burned investors.

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