China Censors Google’s Post On Censorship – The Irony Blankets The Nation

China Censors Google’s Post On Censorship – The Irony Blankets The Nation

Google Might Leave China Following Cyber Attacks   Did They Come From The Chinese Government?Well, this is just ironic. China is covering its tracks in the unfolding Google search debacle by censoring the news. The news about the debacle about censorship.

According to the New York Times, Chinese news organizations are running very tight lipped about what is going on, removing the dialogue from the national eye.

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From the article: “BEIJING — Google’s declaration that it would stop cooperating with Chinese Internet censorship and consider shutting down its operations in the country ricocheted around the world Wednesday. But in China itself, the news was heavily censored.”

Yes, I do think that this is what Google was talking about when it stated that it was contemplating pulling its operations from China.

Here is a tip, China: when you are facing international shame, disgust, and general disdain for abusing your citizenry and hacking Google to get at the data of people that do not like you, censoring the news about what is going on is not the way out of that situation.

Given this recent development, who else thinks that Google will be gone in less than a few months?

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