CBS And The WSJ Team Up With Digg To Get More Free Traffic Lovin’

CBS And The WSJ Team Up With Digg To Get More Free Traffic Lovin’

digg-logoWell, you can’t fight the power of the pageview. The WSJ and CBS are now teaming up with Digg, by integrating the popular story widget in their websites.

According to Digg, after the Telegraph added the Digg popular widget, they watched their traffic from Digg skyrocket from “500k page views to over 5.5 Million page views per month.” In more colloquial English, from zero to hero.

Digg goes on to say that Time saw a 164% rise in their Digg related traffic following similar actions. Not as good as the Telegraph, but still nothing to shake a stick at.

Let’s be honest: we all loving getting something that we have written on the front page of Digg. Really, we all do. It feels quite good to watch something that you wrote suddenly have 600 people reading it in under a minute, far after the story should have already peaked. Digg is the content creators crack.

So make no mistake, this is a play by our two three letter acronymed friends, the WSJ and CBS, to get more Digg love. Plain and simple. Help users? Maybe. Millions of free hits? You bet.

Sure, good on Digg, you are working with the most luminous of the old media. But, remember that they love you for your favors, not for your model.

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