Cardboard Computer enters production (Yes, it fully works)

Cardboard Computer enters production (Yes, it fully works)

RecomputeA fully working computer made of cardboard has entered production and the first units should be available within weeks.

Recompute is a ‘Sustainable Computer’ designed to be environmentally friendly by being forgetting the plastic and metal that usually makes up computers and instead using corrugated cardboard.

The only traditional computer parts present in Recompute are a motherboard with processor and memory, a power supply and a hard drive; thus keeping electronic components to a bare minimum. The big benefit here is that when it’s time to throw it out, you’re not creating lot of waste as most of the computer will just decompose.

While it might seem like all they’ve done here is build a computer case, the engineering work involved is no mean feat as the video below shows.

After building up a interest in the project throughout last year, the Texas-based engineers behind Recompute have just announced that mass production has begun.

You can read more and get on the waiting list for your own Recompute machine at the project’s website.

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