So you want to build a hockey search engine…

So you want to build a hockey search engine…

2010-01-09_0940As I began work today, I came across this announcement on the blog Nuck’s Misconducts, a fan site for the Vancouver Canucks hockey team:  “Yesterday casual had a recommendation about creating a hockey search engine…”

Create a hockey search engine? Why? The First Rule of Vertical Search Engines is that there already exists a search engine for everything, and most likely more than one.  Skeptical?

Check these out:

WiredHOCKEY – “If it is relevant to hockey, you will find it here.”

Hockey’s Future – “The #1 Online prospects resource.”

Total Hockey – “Ice Hockey Equipment Retailer”

Absolut Hockey – “The Hockey Search Engine.”

TicketSizzle – New ticket search engine has hockey tickets.

“The Official NHL Toolbar Firefox Add-on.” – “The whole of European ice hockey together on one site.”

Eccellio sports helps you find everything about the exciting world of sports.


But this has got to be my favorite one:

Break Video’s search page for hockey fights!

Hockey Player Fights Refs After Cheap Shot – Watch more Funny Videos

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