Android 2.0.1 is coming to a Motorola Milestone near you

Android 2.0.1 is coming to a Motorola Milestone near you

One of the questions during the Nexus One Launch Event’s Q&A session earlier this week was: When will all the beautiful enhancement become available on other Android powered devices?

Google made very clear, that Android’s open source code base is available for all device manufacturers, including the latest version 2.1. It’s now up to them to apply their individual proprietary changes and “enhancements”.

Half an hour ago, Motorola announced the very-soon-to-be-expected availability of Android 2.0.1 for all Milestone customers via it’s European Facebook page:

Facebook | Motorola Europe

The Milestone is the European version of the DROID. We have not heard of similar news for the DROID, though.

The version which will now apparently come to the Milestone pretty soon, has last been reported to be released for the DROID ‘within weeks’ beginning of December 2009.

Besides these good news, Motorola also states that Android 2.1 will in fact take them up to two more months, until it’ll be ready for prime time.

Given that the Cliq is still stuck on Android 1.5 and Motorola being awfully slow in embracing Android’s innovation, it comes as no surprise that Google had to go the consumer hardware road in order to lead the market by example.

We’ve checked our Milestones. The German version cannot yet find the update. We keep you posted.

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