Mashable Not For Sale – You Were Wrong, Internet

Mashable Not For Sale – You Were Wrong, Internet

Well, this just in: Mashable is not being sold to AOL. Pete Cashmore, the man behind the storm, has laid rumors to rest in a recent blog post.

From his Tumblr post:

While commenting on speculation isn’t something I’ve done in the past, I think it would be nice to keep our community in the loop as much as we can on recent Mashable-related rumors.  And with our writers on the ground at CES this week, I think it’s especially important to keep our focus on the real news.

We’re very open to partnerships and always talk with those that get in touch.  We’ve certainly spoken to lots of potential partners, some of those conversations more significant than others.  But I don’t feel that any of those conversations reached a point at which Mashable is likely to cease being independent.


Well, now we all just wasted a day or so wondering just how much Mashable is worth. Good news, we get to keep on doing that as no one is likely to buy them soon.

Of course, Pete does not say that Mashable will not ever be sold, just that for the moment nothing is worth commenting on. So what is going on with AOL? Scoble now thinks that it is an ad deal of sorts, perhaps supplanting what Mashable has with Federated Media.

Who knows?

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