Is The @Superphones Twitter Account For Real?

Is The @Superphones Twitter Account For Real?

failIs this the official Google account for the its longer term superphone project?

Google has an account just for the Nexus One (@googlenexusone), which while not “verified” by Twitter has quickly snagged thousands of followers. @Superphones, has not.

If the account is fake, someone could pull a fast one on a blogger hungry for a headline.

The @superphones account also has some very weak copy in the About section: “Smartphones are so yesterday. Superphones have arrived.” That alone puts the account in question.

Also, why is the account set to @superphones, when @superphone is a blank account? Preference? Surely Google could have gotten the better username. Finally, the account lacks polish, with no background image or link.

Our call: fake account. Whatever information comes from the account, be careful with. Are you the guy behind the account? We would love some confirmation.

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