With Ping.fm, Seesmic Just Became The Most Pervasive And Powerful Social Status Tool

With Ping.fm, Seesmic Just Became The Most Pervasive And Powerful Social Status Tool

Seesmic On A Roll   Eyes An Expansive FutureAs you well know by now, Seesmic has reached out and picked up Ping.fm, which integrates with some fifty social networks. Seesmic of course is noted for being integrated with seemingly every platform that is popular.

Take the two of them together and you have an application that works everywhere, and updates everything. You can’t call it a hat trick as it lacks an element of the triplicate, but it sure does seem to be a home run at least.

Seesmic has been trying to make inroads on the dominant Tweetdeck for some time, but had lacked a feature capability that would give it sufficient edge to lure happy Tweetdeck users over the fence. Well, it has one now: massive connectivity. As soon as Seesmic turns on the power of Ping.fm inside of its many applications, it will open a can of pain unless Tweetdeck can catch up in the interim.

Tweetdeck integrates with the “big four,” Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and MySpace. Add fifty and you will get Seesmic’s coming total.

As a last comment, now that Seesmic is taking the technology high-road, they are most likely entering into play for any large internet corporation to purhcase. FriendFeed, always a bit player to Twitter’s traffic, was snapped up for $50 million. Seesmic, with Ping.fm built in, combined with their second place userbase could be in a similar position for purchase. Push hard in technology, and you will always have value.

Also, given that Loic (Seesmic’s CEO) introduced one of their most recent applications, Seesmic for Windows, at the Microsoft PDC conference, Microsoft might be a potential suitor. Who knows? We have no hard rumors to report at the moment.

Seesmic is on the offensive and is determined to be a technology leader in its space. May the social status wars continue, as a user I could not be more happy.

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