HTC and Google to release an iSlate Killer at CES 2010?!

HTC and Google to release an iSlate Killer at CES 2010?!

GoogleTab2010 is finally here. The Year of the tablet, or the iSlate, or the iPad or the… HTC/Google Tablet, at least if the rumors are to be believed. Even more, if those rumors are true, then we won’t have to wait too long before we see this GoogleTablet, which should be showcased within a week at CES 2010!

So, HTC and Google are apparently working on a product to counter a product that hasn’t even been released yet, but such is the power of Apple.

Here’s the thing, while I have some faith in Google’s ability to release well designed products, my experience with HTC hasn’t been that good. I started using HTC products soon after I got sick of the Palm (Vx), and I was disappointed. I blamed it on the Microsoft OS, but the truth is they just didn’t design good products!

Now, depending on whether this GoogleTab runs Android or ChromeOS, it could signal a remarkably different approach to the iSlate. If Android is used it may compete directly with the iSlate, which is rumored to be a Multimedia focused machine. On the contrary, ChromeOS is a cloud-based OS that could allow you to run more business like functions, so it may be step-closer towards the “Thin Client Architecture” of the future.

So, is this a viable product or is it just a rumor? We’ll find out in a week or two, but in the meantime does anyone remember the HTC Magnum from 2008?

[Image Courtesy of Gizmodo]

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