Foursquare Hits The N900 – Now On All Major Smartphones

Foursquare Hits The N900 – Now On All Major Smartphones

Well, it had to happen sometime: Foursquare, like Seesmic, is everywhere for everyone.

Just kidding, we meant that it is on all smartphone platforms. If you live in the wrong city, you are still out of luck.

If you have never seen a N900, head here and take a look. The application BarrioSquare means that Foursquare has done it, and finally hit all the smartphones that we respect: iPhone, Android, the Pre, Blackberry, and now the N900. That is it folks, it’s over.

Of course, the application is not an official app. Foursquare is still holding out on the smaller markets, the Pre after all just got their app. But, it is heartening to see the community take up the corporate standard. Shows to us all how popular Foursquare is becoming around the world.

Now you have it everyone: you only have one last Foursquare complaint: when will you let me in?

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