Facebook was more popular than Google this Christmas

Facebook was more popular than Google this Christmas

facebook-logoIt looks like this was the Christmas that social media overtook the traditional web.

Yes, internet traffic analyst Hitwise has reported that Facebook was the most visited site in the US on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. This is apparently the first time ever that the site has been the number one visited US site.

With lots of free time over the holidays, there’s little surprise that people turned to Facebook to keep in touch with their friends. This is the second interesting statistic to show that this was an online Christmas. Amazon previously reported that Kindle versions of books outsold traditional books on Christmas Day.

The statistic shows that there’s little sign of the the Facebook juggernaut slowing down any time soon. The company recently reached an agreement to extend its corporate office space and some analysts expect the company to float on the stock market some time in 2010.

Facebook didn’t quite overtake Google everywhere. Hitwise UK reports that despite a huge spike in Facebook traffic over Christmas, Google remained in the lead in the United Kingdom (see the graph below).

Hitwise UK traffic

[via ReadWriteWeb]

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