Film of the Decade: Social Media vs the Critics

Film of the Decade: Social Media vs the Critics

The Dark KnightWith thousands of films released every year, picking the single best of the decade is a tough job for any one person. So how has Flickchart, the social film ranking service with over 40,000 users, fared?

Flickchart founder Nathan Chase has announced the top 20 films of the past ten years as ranked by Flickchart users.

The site works by allowing you to select a favourite of two randomly-selected films. The more choices you make, the bigger your chart of your favourite films becomes. See our previous review of the site for a more in-depth explanation.

What did users pick as their favourite? The Dark Knight, the hugely popular 2008 Batman epic starring Christian Bale and Heath Ledger. By contrast, professional film critics’ choices have varied. Michael Haneke’s 2005 film Hidden topped The Times’ list, for example, while MSN’s film critics picked No Country for Old Men as the best that cinema had to offer.

With over 40,000 users, Flickchart’s number one could be seen as a ‘people’s choice’ for the top spot. That said, if you check the site’s top ranking films of all time, The Dark Knight tops the list here too. Is it really the best film ever, or do people just have very short memories? We’ll let you make your mind up on that one.

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