Football team lets you check the ref’s decisions with your phone

Football team lets you check the ref’s decisions with your phone

Layar is probably the best known startup in the area of augmented reality. Their augmented reality browser has been getting lots of attention on blogs and conferences about mobile. But it’s not only press attention, they are building a strong collection of Layars, connecting a great amount of information with the reality through your phone’s camera. A while ago Layar released SARA, the augmented reality application of the Netherlands Architecture Institute, that showed 3D models of buildings yet to be build. And now the technology of Layar serves an even greater purpose, if you are a sports fan.

The digital department of Dutch football club PSV Eindhoven has used the technology by Layar to develop a great proof of concept for an application that let’s you check if a player is on or offside while watching the match in the stadium. In the clip below you can see a demonstration video.

Although I’m not sure this is fully working (the video definitely doesn’t proof it), I like the idea and I am confident it will be possible to get this app released before the end of 2010. But does it solve the problem? Well it does, if assistent referees would all carry iPhones while running along the pitch…Until then we can at least solve the living room or pub differences, just make sure there’s someone with an iPhone or Android handset around.

via iPhoneclub

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