Facebook To Do A Billion In Revenue In 2010?

Facebook To Do A Billion In Revenue In 2010?

facebook-logoWith a grain of salt, there are reports that Facebook revenue is expanding so quickly, that in the year 2010 Facebook could do around one billion (USD) in revenue.

This of course is quite a jump from their expected $550 million in revenue for the year 2009.

The information comes from a report by TBI Research, which the SIA has been trumpeting for some time. The data is hard to give a full verification, but seems plausible. Given that Facebook is growing by hundreds of thousands of users daily, and is racing towards 400 million users, we can see them reaching half a billion users quite simply in the coming year.

That said, Facebook needs to extract, on average, some $2 from each active user. With the average daily page views that each user racks up, Facebook can suffer through a year of poor CPM rates and still come out with a billion, not including the numerous other Facebook revenue streams.

But Facebook still has one major trick up its revenue-sleeve: taxes. With companies such as Zynga raking in millions from the Facebook platform, Facebook could easily implement a 10% tax with little damage to its community, instantly raising tens of million more in revenue.

With such a brilliantly segmented market that Facebook has, making money is a piece of easy.

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