Child Swapped For A Mobile Phone

Child Swapped For A Mobile Phone

You might have read many weird stories, but nothing could be this shocking and bizarre.

A poor Chinese couple swapped their one month old infant for a mobile phone.

According to the article, the young couple sold their infant for 2,500Yuan( $366) as they didn’t have money to raise the child, but the father was very happy with the price he got and decided to spend it on a mobile phone.

This incident came to police attention when a child trafficker was caught selling that infant for 10,000Yuan ( $1464).

Li, the 21 year-old father, a migrant worker, and his girlfriend Xin(19) are detained.

“When I got 2,500 yuan for the baby, I thought I might as well buy the phone I always wanted,” Li said.

Image Credit : Ben Heine

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