The Next Web Podcast: Episode 3 – Conspiracy Theories

The Next Web Podcast: Episode 3 – Conspiracy Theories

TNW-PodcastThis week we finally have a jingle and we’re quite concerned that The Next Web Podcast gang will be losing all of their cloud-based accounts. Conspiracy?

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On today’s show: Fawzi Rahal (Dubai), Alex Wilhelm (Chicago), Martin Bryant (Manchester), Kristin Marshall (Seattle) and Ralf Rottmann (Dortmund).

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In today’s episode:

DST Drops $180 Million On Zynga, Makers Of FarmVille
Australian Internet Censorship Given the Go Ahead – But What’s the Alternative?
The Microsoft Response To The Plurk Debacle – Sorry!
Is There No Google Phone?
Also, read the scary quote about Google and don’t send Ralf any hate mail!
Why Google doesn’t want your money
The Pervasiveness of Google

In the local news

Middle East bloggers bloom
Germany to charge for Google doing Street View
Kindle for the iPhone available in Germany
Twitter in German where Kristin shares some insights about the Twitter translation project. Some of the screenshots:

Translator badge Translate option with code
Accout Badge Translation option with code
Translate menu Translate box
Translate Menu Translate Box

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