What Google’s Nexus One Can and Can’t Do [Feature List]

What Google’s Nexus One Can and Can’t Do [Feature List]

Googlephone-Nexus-one-Android-5While I am still in the school of thought that this is nothing more than Google’s next android phone, a few lucky people have got their hands on the device currently known as Nexus One.

One of those people is San Francisco based blogger tnkgrl. She had the chance to play with the device for a few minutes and these are her findings (note: she’s a respected blogger and therefore we believe she wouldn’t run the risk of making this up):

  • It’s extremely thin
  • It’s much nicer looking in person than in pictures
  • There’s a 4 GB micro-SD card installed
  • The battery capacity is 1400 mAh
  • The screen appears to be OLED (same size/resolution as the Motorola Droid)
  • 3G works on T-Mobile USA :)
  • I can confirm that there’s no 3G on AT&T (EGDE only)
  • It’s definitely unlocked
  • It’s super snappy! Faster than the Droid…
  • There’s no multitouch support in the browser or in Google Maps
  • There’s no dedicated camera key, but it’s the same camera interface as the Droid
  • The trackball can be used to focus (like on other HTC devices)
  • Low-light performance is decent, but the flash is weak
  • Calls are routed the normal way, not using data (VoIP), and sound fine
  • The home screen is divided into 5 panes (like the Sense interface on the HTC Hero)
  • It’s using a micro-USB connector for data/power
  • There are some gold contacts at the bottom edge, for a dock perhaps?
  • Did I mention it’s fast?

She wasn’t allowed to take photos unfortunately so the one inserted is from here.

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