POLL: The Tech World Believes Arrington’s Story

POLL: The Tech World Believes Arrington’s Story

It’s not a slam dunk, and the sample is a bit small, but it seems that we, the technorati, believe in Michael Arrington’s version of the CrunchPad story.

Take a look at this graph, taken from this poll. Votes came from Twitter.


Now, you will note that a good percentage of voters are undecided, which means neutral, we can compare the number of people taking each side. Fusion Garage: 10%. Arrington: 48%.

It seems heading into the legal side-show that there will be fireworks indeed, and we have our chosen horse: TechCrunch.

But, past all of this, I just want my damn $200 internet tablet CrunchPad (dammit), is that so much to ask?

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