Echofon partners with Flickr for the trick that Tweetie missed.

Echofon partners with Flickr for the trick that Tweetie missed.

echofonHot on the heels of their new Facebook-only iPhone application, the latest release of the Echofon Pro Twitter client has hit the iTunes App Store.

In the latest release (2.5.1), full integration with Flickr is now complete. So if you’ve had enough of trying to remember where you’ve scattered random images amongst the many Twitter-related photo-sites (the likes of yFrog, TwitPic, TweetPhoto, Mobypicture, Twitgoo, amongst others) you can now keep everything tidy in your Flickr Photostream.

What’s more, the text contained in your accompanying tweet automatically becomes the title of your Flickr photo. Each image is tagged with ‘Echofon’, ‘iPhone’ and ‘Twitter’, leaving you free to add further tags in Flickr itself.

So Tweetie 2.1 might be grabbing the headlines with its List and ReTweet support, but early conversations on Twitter suggest that its bold implemention of both actually second-guesses what users might actually want. Instead, Echofon has stuck to a steady reliable upgrade path and, by partnering with Flickr, might just have caught Tweetie 2.1 snoozing.

STOP PRESS: As it turns out, newly launched alpha service Flickr4Twitter has come up with a functioning workaround for configuring Tweetie 2.1 to send images to Flickr. It’s a bit finnicky but it works – find out how to do it here. It remains to be seen how long it will take for this function to be incorporated ‘as native’ in Tweetie.

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