URL Shortening Service Cli.gs Has Been Acquired.

URL Shortening Service Cli.gs Has Been Acquired.

cligsIn October of this year URL shortening service, Cligs, announced it would be shutting down. Today, it begins a new life with news of its acquisition by social bookmarking service Mister Wong.

Cligs, launched in 2008 and has gradually transformed itself into a URL shortening service, real time analytics and white-label URL shortening service. With reportedly tens of thousands of registered users and redirects tens of millions of shortened Cligs links each month, the news of its acquisition is going to bring a sigh of relief to its members and the sites linked to by the service.

Mister Wong, founded in Germany, has been around for some time, and is an established player in the social bookmarking service scene, with the service available in 6 languages and a reported 7 million users.

How much, if anything, Cli.gs paid for the service has not been made available but the service will continue to run as normal.

“Cligs is a complete service with a unique set of tools and a solid user base. Competition is healthy for the market and it would be a real shame to see such a useful service disappear. We are happy to add Cligs to our existing portfolio of Web 2.0 services and we look forward to welcoming all its users to the Wong family.” said Kai Tietjen, founder of Mister Wong.

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